Presentation and history

The ski area of Roc d'Enfer is located between 1000 and 2244m.

It offers, in a wild and preserved area:

  • 32 tracks including 2 black, 12 red, 11 blue and 7 green for a total of 51 km.
  • These tracks are served by 16 lifts and 2 rope-tow.
  • A trip of 20 km in nature through the beautiful circuit of the Roc d'Enfer.
  • 2 entrances: Saint Jean d'Aulps, you will join the Portes du Soleil (by bus) and La Chèvrerie (Bellevaux) in the Vallée Brevon
  • 2 Beginners area, one on each side
  • More than 130 snow guns to ensure a permanent snow.
  • Discover wide open spaces. Far from the slopes with instructors specialist

History of Saint Jean d'Aulps

1969 Creation of the ski area "La Grande Terche" with the installation of two lifts to "The Moussière from above"

1973Takeover of the station by the municipal committee Construction of lift Des Têtes and Chairlift Place de la Grande Terche

1975 Construction of Esserailloux lift, and the baby lift Terchette

1976 Construction of the baby lift Bray. Integration of the Portes du Soleil

1979 Construction of two chairlifts, the Chargeau and Graydon

1980 Replacement of Chairlift Place de la Grande Terche place by gondola

1983 Construction of the lift Lanchereau

1987 Creation of the circuit "Roc d'enfer"

1988 Replacing the Gondola 4 seats with a new 6-seater Gondola.

24 Avril 2006 Obtaining ISO 9001 certification in 2000

6 Novembre 2006 End of the governance by the municipal comittee and creation of SIVU Roc d’Enfer

2007 Snowmaking

Summer 2021 Non-stop opening of the domain and implementation of numerous summer activities

History of Bellevaux / La Chevrerie

1971 Creation of a private company of lifts: SATC (tourism development corporation Chevrerie) Commissioning the lifts Cabri and Ecole 1.

1981 Creation of two additional lifts : Ecole 2 and Etang

1986 Creation of the SAEM Val d'Enfer (Development Corporation mixed economy) between Bellevaux and many small local shareholders.

1987 Commissioning of the chairlift and ski lift Torchon Follys, thus inaugurating the opening of the Roc d’Enfer circuit. Dissolution of the SAEM and creation of governance lifts La Chèvrerie.

1992 Installation of the first artificial snow gun

1998 Beginning of the network snowmaking on the slope of Châl

6 Novembre 2006 End of the municipal authority is replaced by SIVU Roc d’Enfer

New products

  • New blue slope (return gondolas)
  • Picnic areas: Top of the gondolas and Top of the chairlift « Les Têtes »

Need Information?

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Ticket Offices (winter season):

Saint-Jean d'Aulps: +33 (0)4 50 79 61 24
La Chèvrerie: +33 (0)4 50 73 74 69

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