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Mountain walks or snowshoeing are accessible to all!

Mountain walks, on foot or with snowshoes, are accessible to most people. They will allow you to relax, to become aware of how beautiful nature is, and to let your mind escape in this privileged environment, far from the hustle and bustle of cities and other places. A perfect moment to enjoy the present moment and refocus on yourself.

You can combine the physical effort of a quiet stroll with the joy of experiencing moments of freedom in the middle of nature! Lovers of this activity will find their happiness mainly on the side of La Chèvrerie, where numerous itineraries are available to you.

Mountain walks or snowshoeing are one of the great must-do activities during the winter holidays. 
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Hors Piste


Off-piste skiing is undertaken atyour own risk. Beware of tracks heading off-piste, they are not necessarily safe to follow.

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